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Local “Angels” Save Distressed Community Home Owners

(Phoenix, Arizona) – Many Arizona homeowners facing foreclosures and short sales now have an option that could keep them in their home and pay off debt, thanks to local investors or “Angels”.  It is the first of its kind to bring a win-win-win situation to the depressed real estate and financial markets perplexing the homeowners in Arizona.

Sean Zar always had a passion for helping families and his community. Not only to provide his customers with a home, but how he could be there after the sale was over.

Sean’s company, Performance Realty Management, LLC (PRM) helps people stay in their homes, make good on their debts and increase prosperity in their neighborhoods. The “Angels” are local investors who purchase the house on a short sale, rent back the home to the family, and when they are back on their feet financially, sell it back at current market value. The first “Angel” fund is Equity Pacesetter, LLC which is managed by PRM.  Sean Zar wanted to see how he could help more people and give back to his community in a unique way.

“Many homeowners going through short sales and foreclosures will let their home go, causing more problems that banks have to deal with down the road,” said Mr. Zar. “I am confident we will continue to prove to be a success and a smart idea for our community because there are numerous ways a homeowner can be helped. They can stay in the same home and rent it, or they can downsize and move to a more affordable area with our assistance or they can research and learn more about loan modifications if they don’t want to resort to selling.”

Not all banks will approve this type of program where a homeowner can stay in the house they short sell. That is why PRM offers numerous options and assistance for homeowners, including tax and legal help, credit counseling, loan modification and state information support from their group of experts. The realtors working with PRM’s sister company CORE Performance Realty are certified short sale experts.

Sean Zar has owned and operated several successful enterprises, accrediting him as one of the most progressive marketers in the industry. For more information on the program, visit or 623-551-5808.

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Seasoned chief executive and entrepreneur with proven track record. Mr. Zar brings more than twenty years experience in operations, evaluation, investment and management of real estate assets. Sean is responsible for new asset origination, evaluation, analysis and due diligence as well as overall executive direction. Mr. Zar also gained insight into capital markets as the founder and president of CBA Capital, Inc., a Newport Beach, CA based investment bank and venture capital company. He also was the founder and CEO of American Income Securities, an investment company with more than $50 million in client assets. He also managed a technology venture capital fund where he was responsible for equity and debt investments in a wide variety of companies. Mr. Zar sold his interest in American Income Securities in 1999. Mr. Zar has been an active real estate investor in Arizona as well as Colorado and Southern California. Mr. Zar is focused on discovering undervalued properties.
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